I’ve spent so much of the last month job hunting that I’ve had very little time to read! Eeeeeeeeek!  As I’m positive many of us know, job hunting can certainly feel like trying to find your way out of a haunted house. It absolutely feels like that to me! So let’s see… what have I got … More Haunted…!

…oh no…

As my personal assistant librarian, Frink really gets into his work. I’m happy to say I had read this one already! But seriously, we gave him all manner of toy. Why my books?! I love you, little one!

Quick post…!

Hello all my book lovers out there! I don’t have a book post for this week, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce my faithful helper, Frink! We adopted Frink about three years ago from 3bunnies.org . He helps out in almost all of my literary choices here at the homestead!  Frink helps … More Quick post…!

Folksy chuckling

the HODGEPODGE book: containing 368 fine pages of American Folklore Collected by Duncan Emrich / illustrated by Ib Ohlsson Four Winds Press 1972, 1973, orig. price $6.72. $1.99 at Savers. I believe it’s out of print. This is an old, well loved library discard that I just couldn’t pass up. We had it growing up, … More Folksy chuckling