First of all: why used books?

Welcome! Come on in! I’m Christine, and I work at a local branch of an international chain of thrift stores selling used books… Savers! I know what you’re thinking… ugh! Those cold, metal shelves and fluorescent lights are so heinous, and that thrift shop aroma is disgusting. Well, we don’t stink, I can assure you. And those ugly shelves and lights just mean we can afford to offer you previously loved literature for as low as $1.99!

Now I need to say right now that I am NOT out to compete with your local, independent used bookstore. Please, please, please support them! I simply want you to make us one of your stops on your used book shopping trip. I’m knowledgeable, passionate, friendly, and if we have exactly what you’really looking for, I’m quick to find it! What? You haven’t even thought of used books? Here are just a handful of reasons to give them a try:

  • They’re affordable! How does a like-new hardcover novel for $2.99 sound? Plus, they’re buy four get one free!
  • We offer a wider selection. We carry not only a good selection of current reads, but we offer a fine selection of vintage, out-out-print items.
  • It’s better for the environment. You’ll be helping to keep these materials out of landfills, and save energy and pollution in the manufacturing of new materials.
  • You sometimes get fascinating annotations! What were the questions and insights of the person/people who owned it before you?
  • That warm old book smell!
  • If a book is already worn and beat, you’really less likely to cry if you get the odd splash of coffee on it during a bumpy subway ride.
  • Don’t forget to pass it on! Donate it back to us or another local charity!

Well, there’s my introduction. I hope it gets you interested in my passion and I really hope I get to talk more about books with you! Look for my first post coming this afternoon!


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