Folksy chuckling

the HODGEPODGE book: containing 368 fine pages of American Folklore

Collected by Duncan Emrich / illustrated by Ib Ohlsson

Four Winds Press 1972, 1973, orig. price $6.72. $1.99 at Savers. I believe it’s out of print.

This is an old, well loved library discard that I just couldn’t pass up. We had it growing up, and my personal library felt lonely without it. In summation, it’s a motley collection of American wit, old wives’ tales, knock-knocks, folklore, and oodles more! Want to know how to cure freckles? Or what’s yellow and writes? It’s all here. You can open up to any page and get a good hearty giggle!

I love how this volume has held up over the decades. It was fashioned out of sturdy paper, sewn with good quality thread, yet it’s soft enough to lie flat when opened. It’s also retained its sweet library odor. Its overall color is a vintage gold with a country blue text.

I keep the Hodgepodge book (with several others) at the head of my bed for nights when I need some olde comfort. It’s absolutely in my top twenty favorites!1471218994116-749125769


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