Quick post…!

Hello all my book lovers out there! I don’t have a book post for this week, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce my faithful helper, Frink! We adopted Frink about three years ago from 3bunnies.org . He helps out in almost all of my literary choices here at the homestead! 

Frink helps out by making sure my TBR list gets appropriately whittled to a manageable degree, sniffing all incoming volumes, and reminding me to get up for coffee now and again. He has his own To Be Read list as well! Close to the top is, of course, Watership Down by Richard Adams. Quite ambitious for such a modest creature! 

I’m collecting material for my upcoming posts right now, in addition to learning how to write decent posts. (I want to get this right!) 😄

Hoppy book-gathering, all!


2 thoughts on “Quick post…!

  1. Frink looks like a great reading companion! Watership Down is a classic. It’s been several years (at least!) since I read it last. I should add it to my TBRR (to be re-read) list. Right now I’m working on the last book in the Temeraire series, by Naomi Novik. So much to read, so little time… and I don’t have a furry friend to help me choose!

  2. So much to read indeed! It gets overwhelming when I go to work and see hundreds of books every day. A neatly trimmed TBR list is a boon to sanity indeed! 😉

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