I’ve spent so much of the last month job hunting that I’ve had very little time to read! Eeeeeeeeek! 

As I’m positive many of us know, job hunting can certainly feel like trying to find your way out of a haunted house. It absolutely feels like that to me! So let’s see… what have I got that’s a superb Hallo-weekend read and spooky enough to get this Chick Lit Up? Shirley Jackson!

I first fell in love with the MGM film version of this story years ago, telling the tale of a young girl’s falling in love with a haunted house, and with fear. As I became aquainted with Hill House, I myself fell in love. Jackson’s masterful descriptive prose and the way she peels back layers of psychology to get inside her characters is absolutely chilling. 

There are a few good turns in this story, and my personal favorite is as the House asserts itself as a living thing that won’t be ignored: “‘Something is knocking on the doors,’ Theodora said in a tone of pure rationality. … is this what is meant by cold chills going up and down your back? Because it is not pleasant; it starts in your stomach and goes in waves around and up and down again like something alive.”

The Book-of-the-Month Club News called The Haunting of Hill House “A real dilly of a ghost story,” and by dilly, I have to agree!


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